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Ceiling Fans Used With Air Conditioning Can Save On Home Energy Costs

Using fan to lower electric bill during summer.Billions of dollars are spent yearly on the electricity costs of air conditioning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, that should not come as a surprise as our A/C units are the biggest energy consumers in American homes. Since the average homeowner spends around $130 monthly on electricity for air conditioning any tips to reduce Home Energy Costs and accomplish A/C Money Saving will help lower summer power bills.

Homeowners should begin by comparing the cost of running their air conditioners with the cost of using ceiling fans to cool their home. A single ceiling fan costs only one cent per hour to operate. A penny an hour of use averages out to a cost of $1.20 per month for the use of a ceiling fan for cooling. Three bedroom fans, a family room fan, and a fan in a combination kitchen and breakfast room could all be operated for $6.00 monthly, saving $122 on the household electric bill.

If your home is equipped with a newer High Efficiency Air Conditioning system that is ENERGY STAR® certified, you are receiving the benefits of excellent energy saving efficiency already. If you are not, it is especially important to utilize energy saving partnerships to improve energy performance. Turning ceiling fans on at the same time as you are using your central air conditioning uses the drafts of moving air created to evaporate skin surfaces to cool individuals an addition three to five degrees. This allows you to set your A/C thermostat up to between 78°F and 80°F, providing savings on Home Energy Costs yet continuing to keep your interior environment cool and comfortable.

While you are thinking about ways to use your fans and air conditioner more effectively, this is an excellent time to start putting together a Summer Energy Saving Plan. There are many excellent tips and ideas for home energy saving actions and repairs on the Internet. Study them and select the ones that are appropriate for your home and goals to help control power costs this summer.

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