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The Importance Of Routine Gas Furnace Maintenance

FurnaceThe gas furnace or boiler is a vital part of the home heating system. It steams away, day after day, bringing warmth and cheer to our homes in the coldest months of the year. So effective is the gas furnace at heating, that we often put maintenance to the backs of our minds and this is not a good idea. The householder is responsible for much of his maintenance.

He should call in a technician to attend to a gas furnace that is leaking water or making strange noises, without hesitation. However, not all furnace malfunctions are visible or audible. Carbon monoxide or CO gas is toxic to humans and animals, above a certain density. Even at this fatal density, it is colorless and odorless, detectable only by special devices.

Unfortunately, several fatal poisonings have their origins in faulty home heating systems. Checking for CO leakage is an essential part of furnace maintenance. There are devices available for purchase but not all of these are as efficient as others. What is worse, several householders have been sold dud items, devices that look professional but are useless in checking for CO. The licensed and certified technician will advise the householder on the purchase of a suitable CO detector.

Aside from avoiding fatalities, having a gas furnace checked once every year by a technician, like Arctic Heating & Cooling in Wrightstown, NJ is a vital part of home maintenance. Qualifications for gas technicians vary slightly from state to state, and you can check with your local department of safety to ensure your maintenance person has the required paperwork. The qualified gas technician will have had experience of installing gas systems, so the first thing he will check is the installation of the heating system.

A surprising number of householders install the systems themselves, with less than professional results. Often, they install the furnace in an area where other materials are stored and this undesirable situation can be the origin of home fires. The gas technician will check that the thermostat setting is the most efficient one to heat the household, at whatever time of year.

He will check that the thermostat is working properly and show the householder how to change the setting in accordance with the changing seasons and needs of the household. Remember, an efficient thermostat setting will save the household energy and money. Finally, it is a good idea to summon your maintenance technician at the time of year when you are least likely to need him, to avoid a freezing home in winter.

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