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What Is Included In Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to enjoying a comfortable home, nothing is more important than your heating and cooling system. A properly functioning heating and cooling system will keep your home from being either too hot or too cold. Regular maintenance on your furnace and central air conditioner is crucial to maintaining the overall health of your home.

What Maintenance Includes

-An Inspection of the Components of Your Central Air System

Your cooling technician will thoroughly inspect your central air system’s coils, contractor and compressor. Dirty coils can make it hard for air to circulate through the unit, and can cause performance issues. Burned contractors can damage your compressor, leading to headaches down the line. Your cooling technician will clean any coils and replace the contractor if needed.

-Inspection of Air Filters and Condensation Lines

Clogged condensation lines are often to blame for water leakage around your central air conditioning unit. In addition, algae can form in the lines, blocking them from working properly. Dirty air filters allow particles of dust and allergens to seep into your home. Your technician will inspect all of these components and replace parts as needed.

Thermostat Repair-Thermostat Repair

If your home feels cool but the thermostat reads that the temperature is high, you may need to replace the thermostat. Regular maintenance involves checking thermostat to see if it is working properly and repairing any damage.

-Freon Charging

In some cases, a simple Freon charge is all your air conditioner needs to function properly. Your technician will check to see if your central air conditioner needs charged, and will add Freon as necessary. He will also check to see if you have leaks in your pipes. Most people don’t need their Freon charged frequently, but having it done with your regular maintenance means you don’t have to worry about your air conditioner running out of Freon during the hot summer months.

-Inspection of Electrical Systems

A malfunction in your electrical system is dangerous and can cause fires. During your routine maintenance, the technician will check to make sure there are no frayed wires or other problems in the electrical system. Worn electrical parts can cause an unexpected breakdown that could cause you to have to replace the entire system. By having this inspected, you will prevent costly repairs later.

-Duct Replacement

If your ducts are worn or broken, your technician will inform you of this during your inspection. Duct replacement often improves the efficiency of your unit, allowing air to flow more freely into your home. A duct replacement inspection will give you the information you need to make an informed choice about your unit.

When it comes to enjoying cool, refreshing air in your home, having your air conditioning unit maintained is key. Don’t wait until there is a problem before you have your systems checked. Call your heating and cooling technician to schedule your routine maintenance call today.

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