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Information Regarding HVAC Efficiency Standards

Energy EfficiencyIf you have been wondering whether or not there is an information about HVAC Efficiency Standards going up, you might be interested in knowing that in 2009 a group of experts in the industry, along with the Department of Energy, began working to improve the standards of efficiency for HVAC equipment. Sadly, they ran into problems during this process which was to be started in 2013. This caused their work to be delayed to ensure that the boilers and gas furnaces would not cause financial harm to people using these items.

The country was segmented into different sections like climate by the DOE, and the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) were raised from its minimal state for systems using combustion in northern states such as New York. This number increased to 90. The current number was only 78, leaving the only things with an AFUE of 90 to be condensing furnace. A rating of 90 means that the furnaces only waste around 10 percent of the fuel used, which is very efficient.

These types of furnaces do indeed improve the HVAC efficiency standards, but tend to be challenging for retrofits for things like condominiums, townhomes and even average styles of homes. They need different venting so they tend to not use this type of furnace.

The difference between a condensing furnace and a standard one is that the first has two exchanges. The second one is responsible for extracting heat from the hot water vapor that helps to burn gas. However, it uses this to heat up your home instead of sending it into the chimney and outside. The vapor heats the house, condenses into water and makes its way into the plumbing system of your home.

The venting of these types of furnaces makes it difficult to put into retrofitted homes because they can be stopped by limited exterior wall access. This installation can be costly and difficult, which means that many HVAC Efficiency Standards experts argue that it is too high of a burden for homeowners to worry about.

The case is making its way through the court systems. However, until it is decided how things will go the AFUE remains at 78 for combustion furnaces. This means that homeowners having to replace furnaces in this climate might be able to select a higher AFUE rated item such as a condensing furnace.

If you wish to learn more about HVAC efficiency standards for your Long Island Home, please contact your local HVAC Efficiency experts. You will be happy that you did and may find out crucial information regarding the life of your machinery.

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