Individual States Increase Energy Efficiency

If Americans believe the United States is doing well in their efforts to become greener, promoting solar energy and efficient appliances, they can thank state governors for a lot of that progress. While energy efficiency is a federal priority, state governors have also taken the […]

Increase Energy Efficiency And Save Money This Winter

Are you dreading the thought of this season’s high heating bills? Fortunately, homeowners can take control of their heating costs and fight back with some energy saving tips. After all, the more energy efficient you can make your heating equipment and home, the less you […]

Lack Of Air Conditioning Causes School Closures In The Midwest

Climate changes in the past few years are having an unexpected result, actually causing school closures in the Midwest. Communities now experience longer summers and hotter record-high days. This heat has severe effects on a student’s ability to learn, and in many cases schools actually […]

Choosing An AC System

As the summer heat rises, a lot of people have been looking at different methods in which they can cool their home down. As a result, there is a wide range of choice from Arctic heating and cooling. It is important to make sure that […]

Can my home benefit from a ductless split air conditioner

When it comes to cooling the home, there are many different types of air conditioning systems. Most homes have some type of cooling system but many do not have the best option in the home. There are window units, wall air conditioning systems, central systems, […]

3 Benefits of Regular AC Filter Maintenance

Air flows through your air conditioning unit from outside, through the unit, and then pushed into your home. Dust, dirt, debris and allergens can be pushed through your home from the air outside. The only thing that stops all this from getting into your home […]

3 Popular cooling Systems for the Home

Keeping the home cool can be done in a number of ways, but all of these options are going to provide you with a different kind of cooling system. If you are interested in keeping the house cool during the long, hot summers, then you […]